1.2% daily interest with 7,778% compounding yield in 365 days

Sustainable High-Yield Certificate of Deposit.

  • Deflationary and Sustainable by design
  • Daily compounding yield upto 7,778%
  • On BSC and Cronos Chains

$115,500 Airdrop to HEX, DRIP and REX Hodlers

If you ever held HEX, DRIP or REX tokens in your wallet, join our community to learn how to claim your free GALE airdrop

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We built Gale to help everyone win

GALE is a high yield sustainable deflationary compounding daily ROI platform on the BSC and Cronos network that pays you 1.2% interest daily with a daily compounding yield upto 7,778%

How to Gale

Step 1

Download Metamask

Download and install Metamask extension for your browser

Step 2

Configure Binance Smartchain

Configure Metamask to use the BSC network

Step 3

Configure Cronos Smartchain

Configure Metamask to use the Cronos network

Step 4


Send BNB or CRO to your wallet and buy BUSD or USDT on Pancakeswap or Cronaswap

Step 5

Connect Wallet

Connect your wallet to Gale Dapp to contribute to auction to reserve your share of the days auction

Step 6

Deposit in the Windmill

Deposit GALE tokens in the Windmill to get paid 1.2% daily ROI for 365 days

Step 7

Join Lottery

Participate in Daily lottery to stand a chance of winning from the BUSD pot

Step 8

Launch Pad

Take part in the IDOs of star projects. Allocations is based on your Windmill deposit balance (TBA)


Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions answered below. If you have questions that aren’t covered, please join the growing Telegram community and ask your questions

GALE is a high-yield sustainable Certificate of Deposit (CD) smart contract that pays a higher interest rate than traditional CDs offered by banks. It comprises trustless, secure, immutable and censorship resistant smart contracts powered by the GALE token. GALE is designed to appreciate and serve as a store of value as against traditional currencies that devalue over time. In addition, the GALE ecosystem supercharges GALE by offering stakers of GALE a host of DEFI services beginning with the GALE launchpad and lottery.
The GALE token is a BEP20 and CRC20 token that powers the GALE network.
It is a net deflationary token that is designed to appreciate over time while paying you a daily 1.2% interest for 365 days. That is a max payout of 438% without factoring price appreciation due to net deflation.
GALE will be distributed primarily through a dutch auction over the course of 180 days. 25,000,000 GALE tokens will be up for auction on day one, 22,560,000 GALE on day two, 20,445,179 GALE on day three, decreasing steadily until 50,000 GALE on day 180. There is an initial premine of 345,833,334 GALE to cover for Airdrops, Initial marketing and Pancakeswap Liquidity. At the end of the Auction period, total mined GALE will be 2,217,464,265.
  • All GALE deposits are burned after tax
  • Interest is paid from tax
  • All GALE tokens gotten from Ticket Purchases are burnt
  • Periodic buy backs
Supercharge your earnings by Aerate (compounding). With daily compounding, returns can be as high as 7,778% APY (i.e 77x without factoring token price appreciation due to net deflation). See compounding Calculator for details.
GALE can be purchased on https://gale.network from the AUCTIONS page during the first year of launch. It can also be purchased on pancakeswap and cronaswap.
These are the bonuses you get when you invite/refer people to the GALE network.
The Windmill is the GALE certificate of Deposit contract. You are required to deposit GALE in the Windmill to be eligible to receive staking rewards. Depositing in the Windmill also gives you access to the daily lottery.
They are burnt after tax deduction.
Windmill Referral Bonus is paid to you whenever someone you invited deposits into the windmill. Direct referral earns you 8%, while Indirect earns you 3%, 2%, 1%, 1% for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th generations respectively. Eligibility for Indirect referrals depends on the tier of GALE NFT held.
It gives you the option of deposting directly to the Windmill with a 5% bonus. Prices could be cheaper in the Auctions.
Auction Referral Bonus is paid to you whenever someone you invited participates in the Auction. 8% is paid in GALE tokens while between 0 and 3% is payed based on the tier of Gale NFT held.
It is a lottery that pays BUSD daily to its winners. To participate, you are required to have lottery tickets.
Tickets are available to purchase on the lottery page. A multiplier bonus is applied on your purchase based on the amount of GALE deposit you have in the Windmill. Holding any GALE NFT also gives an additional bonus to ticket purchases.
GALE NFTs are special Utility based NFTs that confers special perks on the GALE network


Seed (Locked) – 9.58%
Presale (Claim to Stake) – 1.13%
Airdrops – 1.88%
Devs and Partnerships – 2.25%
Public Sale (Auction Day 2-180) – 83.28%
Liquidity – 1.88%


  • GALE Token is a BEP20 token on the BSC and Cronos Chain
  • GALE will be distributed through a dutch auction over the course of 180 days
  • A total of 1,871,630,931 will be minted during the auction period
  • There’s a premint of 345,833,334 to cover for Airdrop, initial marketing, and Pancakeswap Liquidity
  • Deposit to the windmill are burnt after tax deduction
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How It Works

GALE is a high yield sustainable deflationary compounding daily ROI platform on the BSC and Cronos network that pays you 1.2% interest daily

1.2% Daily ROI

Earn upto 438% compoundable ROI revenue when you deposit Gale in our trustless Windmill smart contract protocol

Liquidity Pool

5% of daily auction sales will be automatically added to the liquidity and locked


The Gale lottery program is a provably fair trustless lottery protocol that awards participants a huge jackpot daily.

Referral Rewards

Earn great rewards by staking and referring friends and family to the Gale platform


Earn even more with the GALE NFTs that confer special perks on the GALE network

Launch Pad

Holders of GALE will enjoy the privilege of participating in the launch of well vetted blockchain projects

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